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Savannah Shea: The campaign is coming to an end as stocks are very low and few buyers are active.
Price: 150-200F / kg Trend: lower

Forest: Launched in January 2018, the cocoa and forest initiative aims to eliminate deforestation and restore forest areas in Côte d'Ivoire.

Millet: Continued harvest, good supply and slight decline in prices that could stabilize in the next few weeks.
Price edge-field 145-160 F / kg.

Sorghum: Stable prices that could slightly decrease next weeks with current harvests.
Price edge-field 180-250 F / kg.

Maize: Good availability which could accentuate the fall of the prices the next weeks.
Price edge-field: 75 to 120 F / kg.

Forest: The Ivorian forests are now monitored by satellite, to fight effectively against deforestation.

Coffee: The Tonkpi coffee is special because of the soil of the region, agro-forestry systems practiced by the producers and not the varieties used.
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